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Some parents are just - grrrrrrrrr

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We live in base housing in a townhouse complex. The house to our right is used for temporary lodging when they have to do work in another unit and the family can't be in it.


Last week a family moved in to that house and ever since it's been yelling, screaming and beating on walls. This morning there was a huge thump on the wall (all the stuff on that wall rattled), a baby started crying and then I heard a woman say, "Shut him the f*** up before I do." So, I called base police.


Base police came, talked to her and took my statement about what I heard. They told me this was not the first call they've received about her. Those poor kids. It breaks my heart that they have to live with that.


Parents like that make me sooooooo mad. :cursing: Makes me want to reach out and slap someone but I know it won't do any good.

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No, but you can keep calling.


I don't know if it is the same as when my dad was in, but reports of those calls went to the guy's CO. Enough of them and someone was called to the carpet.


I get that she obviously doesn't care but maybe she will quiet down if her dh has enough.

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Twice I have lived in apartment complexes that started accepting HUD and almost instantly I had neighbors like this both times. I have no answers, I have moved to get away from the same sort of situation twice. I'm so glad to own my own home it isn't even funny. I'm sorry for you, your dh is serving and you have to worry about your neighbors too. The bitter irony is that a parent like that is going to guilt the poor kids as teens and young adults telling them, "After all I've done for you, you should be making me happy."

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