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We "do Latin" 4 to 5 times a week, aiming for daily. Our typical Latin session is 20-30 min, with occasionally needing 45 min for the longer translation passages that we like to take our time with and talk about.


On each day, we read any new Text material, do one exercise and do our flashcards. Now that we have audio, we also listen to any translations on audio if we're on a translation that day (two per chapter +/-).


When we finish a chapter in the text, we move onto the corresponding chapter in the workbook -- again one exercise a day (plus flashcards).


One could go faster if desired (it would be particularly easy to speed up the pace when you're on the workbook, as there is no new material there), but my dc are young, do multiple languages and I'm in no hurry right now. I think we're going at about a chapter a month at this pace.


On any days we don't have time for an exercise, we still do flashcards.


If you wanted to do Latin on just 2 or 3 days a week, I think that could work just fine if your dc are a bit older than mine (say 12+) and won't get tired with writing out 2 or 3 exercises on a day. If you do that, I'd suggest daily flashcard review (5-10 min) to help with memorization.

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