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Feel like a dear caught in headlights!

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We made the decision at the beginning of the summer to enroll all kids into the state virtual program full time (for reasons that don't need mentioned). Well, after 1 week of school, we have decided that was a huge mistake. The enrollment docs are on the way to the umbrella school as we speak.


I have no homeschool back up plans. Nothing. I have various curricula from the past few years. I can get it together, it is just gonna take a few days. I also bought corresponding Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills- or whatever it is they sell at sams club- just to have something to do right now. We alse use Khan Academy for Math so we can just jump right into that. I have Story of the World- all 4 books. Also- both Kingfisher History and Science Encyclopedias. Language Arts has always been my downfall (I am a numbers person). I need one of those "Quick Start" charts you get with new electronics. Our umbrella school has no requirements except for attendance- so we are on our own as far as the what, the when, and the how. But I have close extended family members breathing down my neck and that isn't helping. Where do I even start?


6th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade, K


:banghead:Why oh why didn't I make a homeschool back up plan?!?! :banghead:

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Seriously just look them in the face and tell them you have started with the curriculum you have on hand and the rest of the curriculum is in the ordering process. You have plenty to keep you going right now.

Language arts were always my downfall too. :grouphug:

In the mean time do some reading and writing everyday. Just pick up where you left off with that, you know your kids.

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Quickly: You can print samples of WWS and WWE off of Peace Hill Press website - and that can hold you over until what you want is ordered and there in the house. Put a notebook together a'la WTM style (if you don't have the book, get it from the library). Run a search here on the board and find a reading list you like, and start reading to the kids and give the 6th grader a book; you read it too, and then discuss - viola! Lit Analysis! Look through the book the 6th grader is reading, finding the difficult vocab words and spelling words - Viola! Spelling and Vocabulary. Have the 6th grader write a four sentence summary of the book, Viola! A Book Report! You can do the same with the 3rd grader.


For math (unless you have it covered) you can also use MEP with the K, 1st and 3rd.


Have netflix or the library?: Use videos for history, science and geography. Don't know what to watch?? Run a board search.


And those books you got from Sam's Club are FINE until you get something else! I know some HS who ONLY use those.


Tell the family member breathing down your neck to get a breath mint!:D

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But I have close extended family members breathing down my neck and that isn't helping.:


No matter how much they think it is, it's none of their business. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone!! Welll, maybe your DH and children, but no one else!

Plus, the schools here don't start till Aug 27th and there are places all over the country that don't start till the day after Labor Day. It's not like this is October and you haven't started anything.


Be "traditional" and start Sept 3, take the next 2 weeks to figure out what you want to do.

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Take a deep breath. Ignore your family members for the moment (or pretend you have it all together and are Ms. Perfect ;) )


What you have will get you by just fine while you look for a LA program. If I remember correctly, those curriculum books have a decent amount of stuff in them.


Don't worry about it; no one will worse off for you taking a week or two to get yourself together :)



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