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Henle vs. Latin in the Christian Trivium


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Just a word of encouragement....


We'll be starting Henle in a few weeks, after completing LCII last year. I've only gone through the first six weeks of lessons (using the MODG syllabus), but I think you'll be *so* pleasantly surprised when you actually start reading through the Henle for yourself. You'll know the vocabulary and the concepts for the first part of the book. I was really, really worried (having never had Latin myself), but it really looks like LC 1 and 2 were great preparation.


Hopefully, someone else will chime in!


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I was apprehensive about starting Henle, but I shouldn't have worried. LC 1 and 2 prepared me very well; in fact, I almost wish I had skipped them and started directly with Henle!


The good thing about Henle is that even when I have trouble with something, there are so many exercises (opportunities to practice ;)) that it never gives me trouble for long. So be encouraged! I bet you'll do just fine.

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I'm still quaking in my boots about starting Henle soon (we are on LC2 Chapter 14 right now).


If I bomb on Henle, would LitCT be a good alternative? Has anyone used it? I have heard of it but not seen it IRL.


Thanks for any words of wisdom you might have.


Don't forget that there's a Henle list on Yahoo:



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