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To buy list....


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Yes! Partly because yesterday I made the trip to the big city and the homeschool store. I needed one or two things and figured I might as well get some of the stuff I needed for next year too.


So yesterday I bought:


Elem. Greek I (whee!)


Italic Handwriting A and E, one for each kid

Adventures with Atoms and Molecules I and II

Usborne Encyclopedia of Science

and pH strips.


I still have to buy a few things like CW Aesop B and Saxon 54 online, but those can wait a while. And I already have SOTW 3 waiting.

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I have a running list that's posted right above my desk- it helps me when I look for used items online.


I also have a "wish list" of things that I want to look into, but that are not necessarily items I want to purchase.


And there is a huge booklist that I'll probably have to chip away at for months to come :-).

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My list keeps getting longer, and longer:rolleyes:


I cannot wait until the Cinci convention! I just hope I can keep from buying too much before I even get there. I just purchased Spelling Power 2 days ago, and now the curriculum junkie in me is trying to rear it's ugly head. :eek:


Some of the bigger items on my list are:

McRuffy Phonics and Reading Grade 1

Winston Grammar-thinking of switching from GWG

Contemplating switching from Abeka Arithmetic to RightStart or Shiller

And also thinking of purchasing Writing with Ease by SWB

See what I mean?!? And these are only the bigger items!

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I am just about ready, and will place my order today or tomorrow. My biggie is IEW and a few of its resources.


For grammar, probably Daily Grams and Caught Ya! Grammar With a Giggle.


SOTW tests for book 1.


Trail Guide to World Geography, and the atlas they recommend.


I'm pretty sure that's it. There's nothing else I really need, but you know how tempting it all is!

Michelle T

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Here is my list

IEW-got it yesterday

TOG Yr 1 books


Artistic Pursuits

Themes to Remember

Art Supplies


Timeline CD and book

Logic-Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective


We started TOG. What can I use for my Beginning K'er and 2 and a half year old?

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Oh Yeah, I've got an ongoing list...


Latin's Not So Tough

SWB Writing and Wkbk

Math Puzzles and Patterns for Kids

becoming a Problem Solving Genius

A Faith to Grow on....Things You Should Know...

Little Pilgrim's Progress

Deconstructing Penguins

Minn of the Mississippi


50 Famous Stories Retold

Thinking Through Analogies


And a few other reading books that are not available at our library...:rolleyes: Heaven forbid we should want an Older Book....

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A few things on my list:

Considering God's Creation

Time Travelers New World Explorers


Those are the two bigger items that I want right now. I think I would like

Periodic Table Elements with Style

and I also want the Adventures with atoms & molecules, we've been borrowing them from the library.


I just bought some ph paper the other day from our homeschool store.



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I have a list of things to look at at the Cincy conference, I probably won't buy much before then unless it is My Wise Grammar (worksheets to go with SWR): Here's my "thinking list"


Diana Waring's World Empires... (actually may get to borrow this instead of buy it!)

Life Science with Real Books

Studying God's Word OR Explorer's Bible Study

Artistic Pursuits (not sure which one yet - we liked the first one, but might skip up to the third)

MUS Beta Student book and tests

MUS Delta (all)

SOTW vol. 4 audio CDs (maybe) and student pages (maybe)


Grammar/writing.... still not sure about... GWG? WT1? EPS Writing Skills? Maybe SWB's new writing book? (My indecision relates to my "will be 4th grader")


A few things for my youngers - Pre-Explode the Code books, HWT books for each one, etc.


And maybe something for me - Deconstructing Penguins? or something to give me comfort with the Literature we will read.


Some other "good" books along the way. And I keep thinking about the poetry memory program from IEW, but it's more than I want to spend, so I imagine it will stay in the wish column.


Window shopping is fun!

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I have my list all made for next year. Now all I need is the money to buy them. I can't wait start looking through everything in person.



I"m in Maine too.. are you going to the conference this year? I haven't been in a few years now.. they've moved it to the Samoset this year.

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The younger kids are easy...I just pick up the books their older sibling used and stick them in their cubbies. High school, though, is staring me in the face! :eek: I can't decide what geometry program to use, and whether to continue Lightning Lit or piecemeal my own stuff together. Everything else I've already bought. I got Human Odyssey from Amazon, and picked up Format Writing and an Apologia Biology book ($5) last year.



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I have a running list and will look for some readers used, but otherwise will place one or two orders for 5th grade



Trail Guide to World Geography

Singapore Math

BF History of Science

Latin Primer ? - undecided

Daily Grams

Writing Trails - undecided

Vocabulary - undecided

Logic Liftoff

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I have my list for next year, mostly the materials I will need for my 7th grader, since I have most other things for the younger dc. Now I have to wait for the big used book sale in March and then the conferences after that.


Among my list:

Omnibus I and books

Jacob's Algebra

some Teaching Company math sets

Critical Thinking I and II or other logic program

Elem Greek 2 materials


Henle Latin

Horizons Phonics grade 1

BJU Math1

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what I need!!


So far what I have left to purchase is:


Lightning Literature 7th grade


Literature for 5th grade..haven't figured this one out yet


Spelling Workout E and G


Sonlight Science 5th grade...already have someone to purchase from, just waiting on them to finish.


Latin for Children 2..last thing to buy, so I know I will have enough money for everything else.

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I make a list once I have some decisions made...and I tweak it all year until I feel confident about the choices. I just received the bulk of our curriculum for 3rd:


Explorer's Discovery (Bible)

Horizons 3

Building Thinking Skills Level 1

Ecoutez! Parlez! (French oral program)

Living Learning Chemistry

---living books for LLB Chemistry bought at Amazon w/ money from book sales

Teaching the Classics set

Primary Language Lessons (from private sale at WTM Sale board)

Writing Tales 1 (already had)


still need TOG Redesign Year 3 books, a few manipulatives and other type items.


We also have Horizons Preschool now and ds3 is so EXCITED!!! He was so cute...it's MY SCHOOL! He didn't want me to put it away. He also loved the Lauri Perception puzzles b/c I got the fish and vehicle ones. 3rd grade is just about done, even TOG Year 3 Redesigned has been pre-ordered!

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I have my list in an excel spreadsheet with the best online price and place I found that price. I'll print it out and take it to the local homeschool store where they sell mostly used curriculum and see what I can get for less their then I'll order the rest from my list at where I found the best price.


I'm just waiting for the tax refund to come in so that I get my school budget. I actually have a seperate checking account for it so that the school money stays safe and seperate from the rest of the budget.

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I have a plan and a list for this year that includes greater use of the library. I am putting homeschooling on a strict budget. I hope that doing that will help stop the curriculum hopping that I have been experiencing. :eek:


Here is what I is on my buy list - the money is coming from the tax refund so the list must be finalized by then.


Lively Latin

Writing Tales 1

TOG yr2 unit 2 (I have unit 1 already) My library has enough of the books used that I will only buy 1 or 2 books to add to our home library for this.

Sonlight grade 2 science

Drawing with Children


Singapore early bird math and ETC for the little one - she has discovered workbooks and is wanting to do seat work while her sister is at the table.


the new version of LCC and hopefully the new writing book by SWB.

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Sometime before I sit down to write lesson plans this summer, I'll need to buy:


Latin Prep 1

The Learnables Spanish 2 -- Listening

Science of the Past books

Some more history/literature books


I've already gathered or purchased:


Eucleides' World (Greek)

Ancient Science activity book

Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way

English Prep 2

Word Roots B1 software

Child's History of the World CD-ROM

4 ancient history-themed issues of Learning Through History

15-20 history and literature books


I don't need to purchase anything for math, because I think he'll be trying the UCCP (University of California) free online algebra course. He's also planning on enrolling in the middle school World Geography course through Florida Virtual School, so I don't need to purchase anything there, either.


I'm still hoping to luck into finding at least a few more of the readers and maybe even the science books on a good sale or when I can use a coupon or special deal. If that doesn't happen before the end of this academic year, I'll just order them at the best price I can find.





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I just got our R&S English for next year at a steal... Now I'm wondering if I should pop on over and buy Writing Tales while I'm at it.


I love planning and am really getting into next year, but I'm trying to balance it out and not forget about this year, kwim?

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I make a curriculum plan for each year (six months, really. They seem to finish fast.) and try to fill it in before the tax refund comes. So far, my only hole is science. I need something REALLY good. Maybe Singapore or Noeo. The Prentice Hall books look in-depth but boring.

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I'm getting a list together in preparation for the Cincy convention (so I won't have to pay shipping). I make an excel spreadsheet too, so I can make sure I am getting the best possible price. And it helps me to stick to my budget and not buy too many extras.:)

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Got the list made and plan to start buying them bit by bit until we have them all by the end of summer.



  • Saxon Math 54 - thinking of changing to Math-U-See
  • Shurely English 4
  • Writing Strands
  • Italic Handwriting, Level D (Just got)
  • Spelling Workout 4
  • Latin for Children
  • Reading books from library
  • SOTW Vol I
  • Continent Maps - from National Geographic
  • Exploring Creation with Botany
  • God's Design - the Animal Kingdom
  • Plus piano lesson books and art supplies (using Teaching Children to Draw, which I have)
  • Explorer's Bible Study Series


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To be honest, I have not thought much about it yet... I know I will need a lot of TOG year 4 books, but I have to scan the book shelves and book list to see what I have.


I have most of what I need already, so other than that, Im just using hand me downs for the youngest 2.


Its going to be a strange year not getting the bulk of our stuff in the mail or at used sales this year... I dont need a lot. It makes me a little sad... and yet happy at the same time! I will save $$ this year! :D

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I'm almost done buying for items to get us through next Dec.


My list included:


My Pals are Here 4a/b items

Ruth Heller Grammar books

D'Aulaire Biographies

Holling C. Holling geography books

A World Full of Homes by Burns

Singapore Math 3a/b & Earlybird 2a/b (I bought these last summer)

The Golden Children's Bible (bought a few years ago)


I am now in the planning and how to pull it all together stage and it looks like we will have a fun and interesting year.:)

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I love planning and am really getting into next year, but I'm trying to balance it out and not forget about this year, kwim?


Luna, I am sooooo with you on that one! Planning and organizing is so fun, then harder to come back to the day to day routine. Maybe we should hire ourselves out for those that don't like to plan. (Like I really have the time...LOL!) ;~p

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