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Help me homeschool my 16 year old nephew!

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I'm lost!


My 16 year old nephew has now moved in with us (he's from 2 states away) and we enrolled him in the local public school. He is NOT happy there. He would like to be homeschooled, like I do with my own kids. However, I'm clueless.


He's been to four days of public school. I'd like to look into the Florida Virtual School. I *do* want to register him under it as public schooled (at home) instead of home educated. It would just make it easier on me at this point....plus, he's been public schooled his whole life.


Is anyone familiar with virtual schools and how they work? I know he'll still have to do 180 days. But are those days flexible? We like to vacation at Disney when school is in session so that it will be less crowded. Does anyone know if he can school on the weekends to make up for the week days missed for Disney?


Does anyone know if we can enroll him once the virtual school session has already begun?


Any information that anyone can give would be great. I'm going to make some phone calls tomorrow but I'd love to have a head start on the information.

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I've found that rules for virtual charters, even provided by the same company, vary widely by state. I've had friends with K12 and Connections who could make their own schedules as long as they got the work done, and others whose dc not only had to do school on certain days, but had to log on to virtual classes and were penalized for being late, even if it was 5 minutes and because of internet connection issues.

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I think it would be worth checking out. Our Virtual school in NH lets us set our schedule. If we are going to take some time off, I just let the teacher know and they put a "hold" on his account until I notify them that we are ready to start back up. We can also jump in and start at any time of the year we want.


My one thought is if he is new to the area it may be tough for him to find friends if he is not in school and yours are younger than he is.

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