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"Peace like a river" by Enger - question

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I started it and like it...but I am wondering if pretty soon I will run into some horror, like r@&e, murder or else.

I don't have the intestinal fortitude at the moment. I want some easy reading, suspenseful is fine but no horrific events that will stick in my memory for some time to come.

Am I okay or should I stop reading right now? I am only at the part where Jeremiah and Reuben attend a sort of revival meeting...

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No. It is perfect.


There is a subtle bit of, shall we say, boys trying to have their way with a girl that is really at the heart of the story, but it is so subtle that you will have to go back and re-read to make sure that is what happened. You may be past that already--it is the reason the brother runs.


There is one character who is killed late in the book and does not deserve it, but it is not gory.



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