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American History Book & Video List Suggestions

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Planning for next year and the following already.. :lol:


We are going to do American History over 2 years. She'll be using Hakims The Story of US as the spine but I'm going to flesh it out to spread over 2 years. This will be for 7th/8th grade history for a dd who is advanced, loves to read and loves biographies.


Suggestions so I can start planning? :001_smile:

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When I was looking for some WW1 resources at the library, I stumbled across We Were There, Too!: Young People in American History by Phillip Hoose http://www.amazon.com/We-Were-There-Too-History/dp/0374382522/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345422339&sr=8-1&keywords=we+were+there+too+young+people+in+u.s.+history


From the book cover: "This unique book is the first to tell the story of the role young people have played in the making of our nation. It brings to life their contributions throughout American history--from the boys who sailed with Columbus to today's young activists. Based largely on primary sources--first-person accounts, journals, and interviews--it highlights the fascinating stories of more than seventy young people from diverse cultures.


Each section is 3-6 wide-format pages long, with drawings, woodcuts, portraits, photographs interspersed. There are occasional sidebars with additional historical information about the time period. There's a nice bibliography at the end if you'd like to read more about a particular person.


It's an amazing book that I'm looking forward to using next year. I found myself in tears several times while reading the book.

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