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what are your afterschooling plans for this school year?

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Here's ours: DD's school is a half-day school so she gets done at lunchtime. It's about a 20 minute drive each way to pick her up so we'll do some carschooling on the way home. We'll listen to a beginning reader's Spanish audiobook 3-4x/week (3-5 mins each) and then she can choose between Song School Latin, History Songs, Geography Songs, Grammar Songs, and Jonathan Park. We have some kid music CDs too but she rarely chooses those. Once a week we'll listen to Fun Spanish or Magic Spanish.


After lunch she'll do one page of Miquon, any homework/studying that needs to be done, and the Saxon take-home papers from school. Twice a week we'll read one chapter out of SCM's Stories of America 2 & either a chapter of Among the Farmyard People or some world geography (using a world atlas, Children Just Like Me, & picture books). I'll try to have her read out loud for a few minutes every day too. She'll have a free choice book basket with history & science go-alongs.


She has a daily quiet time where she listens to Librivox recordings while she plays. Once a week during quiet time I'll have her do a Draw Write Now lesson, and maybe add watching Salsa Spanish once a week and/or a nature study or science experiment.


I'm hoping to do a Fun Friday this year with a tea, poems, handicrafts, and maybe some art or music appreciation. We'll see whether that happens or not.


This is the plan through mid-January and after that it'll be just the carschooling, quiet time, and of course homework/studying until summer.

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Still deciding! The kids will be in the "late room" until I get off work and pick them up. Then they will go do something physical - coached activity, park, or pool - and museum night on Wednesdays. So we won't get home until fairly late. We'll do piano practice and reading. The reading will include math, science, and social studies themes. I'll throw in some "real life math" and some foreign language stuff when it fits.


My main focus initially will be to make sure my eldest is on track with reading, as she finds decoding pretty laborious and doesn't have a good memory for words she's seen. That's really our only "weakness" at this point.

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Two things that I am sure that we will add is A Journey Through Grammar Land and Life of Fred. We will continue studying logic too. I plan some unique enrichments such as Balance Benders, and many of the books from Critical Thinking appeal to me.


Dd recently was accepted to the Charter school after being on the list for a few years. So, she is back to school.


For the littlest, I have a ton of science experiment books geared for the K'er. We are working on math facts now, and I am anxious to see the plans for her year before deciding firmly.


I like the idea of your Friday. I would love to finish Simply Poetry!

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We still don't know if DD will get a transfer to a new school, and the schools are a bit different in their focus and style, so afterschooling plans are up in the air until we know more, with a few exceptions. We will continue to take DD to dance, violin, and math circle. We will also continue with Latin (Minimus), French, and Beast Academy at home, though I don't know what our pace will be yet.


DD had been reading mythology and history books like crazy this month, and since she's still got a couple of weeks until school starts, I imagine she will continue with that for now.

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We are doing AAS1 and Singapore Math right now for my 1st and 2nd grader. Except for the multiplication and some words for my 1st grader, it feels like just review for my boys. I need to step up the read alouds and have them read 30 mins/day. They love books though so hopefully they won't be too tired for the reading.

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Still deciding here, too. DS (3rd grade) needs more handwriting work than his school assigns, so that will be a daily assignment, but I haven't hashed out yet how we'll cover the other areas I want to emphasize: geography, history, and literature.


He has activities after school twice a week and I am serious about letting him have down time, so we may be weekend schooling more than afterschooling this year.

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I'm going to continue to do RightStart Math with my three elementary dc. We will do a German time, either during breakfast or after school. My third grader will continue Spanish. I will keep working on some phonics with my first grader twins as well.


But honestly, if I get done math and German, I'll be happy.

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1st Grader:






6th Grader-

Math-still trying to find a program for her that fits her learning style while catering to her auditory/memory issues and fit's with the accelerated math program she is doing at school.... OY!

working on auditory/working memory issues is are main goal this year.



Science Experiements

History DVD's

Audio books during Dinner

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Math is taking a center stage again in our home. We will also continue with MCT. I had a chance to look at CA Treasures curriculum yesterday in the classroom, and I am happy what I saw, so our English afterschool will remain limited to MCT.

We are also doing some French.

The rest I classify under "reading" and it includes SOTW, science and literature reading on a daily basis.

Piano practice is taking a lot of time this year, so we will have to pull back on our ambitions. I wish I were able to do more with languages and science.

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DD (3rd grade) will continue with A focus on writing and math. Both areas she enjoys and does well. She attends a weekly kids writing club and math club.

We've found an awesome science mentor who will work with her designing interest based research projects. They will meet two saturdays a month. I also figure I'll crack down and purchase the horrible science and horrible histories collections for bedtime reading.

DD also has hopes of starting either her own book club or spy club....we'll see.

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Keep using arithmatic a little bit, almost every day, so the facts become automatic. *Keep reading a few times a week to build vocabulary and fluency. *Keep doing a little copywork for spelling, creative spelling for phonics awareness, and just working on learning to spell. *Keep practicing the five sentence paragraph a little bit and the five paragraph essay once in a while using the "how to" theme. *Also for grammar we'll start diagraming. *We're going to do that backwards (I just saw it on a thread). *We're going to make a diagram and build a sentence on it Mad Libs style. *(doing words, describing words, naming words). * And for good citizenship I filled out an index card box like those cards in the restaurant you rate your waitress with on a scale 1-5. *1 any 2 some 3 a lot 4 mostly 5 every time. *

Nice listener

Asked first

Sweet Friend

Finished work

Ate veggies


One notecard for morning,

One notecard for night.

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Our time crunch is much worse than I anticipated. The extra hour of school this year is really more like an hour and a half with travel time, Gymnastics is now four hours instead of 90 minutes. Our focus this year will be SOTW (audio/carschooling with activities on weekends only), SM (6-8 pages a week), BA math if we have time, and daily independent reading. DS is taking piano (which he loves!) and will take up Tae Kwon Do next month. He's also reading Bob Books everyday.

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I'll be afterschooling a 6th grader and plan to spend an hour a day.


Plans (reading means me reading aloud):


History and Geography

Finish reading Geography Alive!

Read through K12's Human Odyssey volume 1

Read adapted period literature and historical fiction


Classic Literature

Finish reading Jane Eyre

Read Oliver Twist

Read The Lord of the Rings



Read A Short History of Nearly Everything



If the school doesn't do it (they have been using MCT until now), we'll do MCT's Grammar Voyage and practice book

If the school's grammar instruction is totally inadequate, possibly Saxon Grammar 6 or 7



Ensure that he understands the math he is taught in school at a high level

Support with math contest prep

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Vincent: Play-doh, Coloring, & Picture books


Trin: Public school Kindergarten & The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading


Anya: 3 days a week Public School, 2 hours a week Hospital/Homebound, Daily Sonlight Remedial Reading Program, 2 - 4 times a week Writing With Ease Level 1, & At least 2 times a week First Language Lessons Level 1


I might try The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading with her again but we'll see.

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I'm planning to be much more organized than last year... for the younger ones we will be doing Singapore for enrichment. Eldest DD I might put on Saxon but she will probably be too tired in the evenings. I'll do what I can because her math teacher isn't very good. She also needs to do some prep for entrance exams for HS.


I don't think we'll manage more than one subject but I'd like to continue with geography which was our one great success when HSing.

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DS is focusing in math, science. DD is focusing on math and reading


AOPS Algebra as spine and adding TT geometry if I can find it cheap as light introduction

MR. Q/RS4K/ elemental mix up physics



SM 2 with miquon

Reading is not quite set yet. We finished the phonics program, we probably just set reading time

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I think this year I'm going to have to cut back drastically. here

s my plan:


SOTW 1: started this summer, should finish by Christmas


WWE: I'm up in the air about WWE because I think its a good program but my daughter detests it and she has so little free time.


Artist studies: keep, but at a slower pace than last year.


Math: Finish last chapter of MM 1B, then slowly work through 2A&B. Prep for Kangaroo Math competition in the Spring.


Reading: Continue 15 minutes a night required reading, 25 minutes on weekends. Plus, read alouds, of course.


Other: Trying to fit in a unit study about the US and some geography. Swimming lessons.

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So I've just signed up dd8 for mathnasium for the year. I've NEVER been a fan of boxed learning centers (we are Montessorians afterall), however she's had a wonderful summer experience there and enjoys her tutor, so we're going to try it. I'm going to give them complete control (okay, I may peek around a bit) and still encourage some beast academy reading here and there, but other than that, her math enrichment is now completely outsourced....well, for the most part :glare:

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We are over half way through the year here. At the moment I consider it good week if we read history twice (SOTW1) and do maths twice (just finished sm1a but can't get it any more so switching to maths smart 1b which is also asingapore method). I hope to add some very basic geography when I get the resources. We do do oral reveiw and lots of talking and reading though.


Still in awe of those who get lots done.

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With my K'er:

Math - Continue Sinagpore Essential B, Miquon, and activities from http://www.k-5mathteachingresources.com used as games. Dreambox on his own.


French - weekly lesson, then practice in the car with the CD. Continue L'Art de dire, maybe move on to Ecoutez, parlez.


Science - Interest led, every two weeks DS will come up with a research question (ex. What do spiders eat?) or an area he would like to learn more about. We will get library books to read on the topic. We did this last year and it worked well.


Practice reading and start doing more discussions about the books.


With the youngest - start OPGTR and tag along for French and Science.


If we do math together at least twice a week, read, and speak a little French I will be happy (or I will try to be).

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I'm not sure how much time we'll have time we'll have this year. Between homework, music practice and sports, it could be tight. I'm really hoping to be able to homeschool after Christmas, but for now our priorities are:


Singapore Math


American History, Government & Current Events



I also have some books from The Critical Thinking Company (Language Smarts, Mathematical Reasoning and Science Detective) that they'll work on at Grandma's house.

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DD13 (8th grade):

hw support

time management

study skills

informal vocabulary

monitor need for a math tudor (we dropped Kumon after 3 years and so far Algebra 1 in school is all review of material previously learned in Kumon)


DS10(5th grade)

AOPS online classes (finish PreAlg part 1, enroll in PreAlg part 2)

hw support

time management

study skills


This year is so different from last year. The kids have much more homework and dd is having her educational needs (and then some!) met in school.

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