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Science Sequence (Including Electives)

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I've been thinking ahead to my dd14's science sequence. It is her favorite subject and I have no doubt she'll go into the field. She doesn't know what but she's talked about Biology or Engineering. DD made a list of science classes she wants to take and this is the order I think she should take them in.


Here's what I'm thinking-

9th Grade- Honors Chemistry, Science History

Marine Biology (over the summer)

10th Grade- AP Environmental Science, Forensics

Shipwreck Science (over the summer)

11th Grade- Honors Physics, AP Computer Science

Zoology (over the summer)

12th Grade- AP Biology, Sports Medicine


Wondering if anyone has anyone opinions on this sequence. Does the order really matter? The biggest thing is math for physics, right? She'll be taking calculus in 11th grade.

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