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Logic -- A Workbook for Arguments -- WWYD?

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I have A Workbook for Arguments for my ds. I don't think it alone will equate, work-wise, with a full credit or even half a credit. I have three options here:


1. Use the book but don't list it anywhere, consider it just a part of "general education" that doesn't need to be accounted for in an official capacity.


2. List it as part of another course -- English? I have separate credits for English writing/grammar and literature, so that's a possibility if it could fit there topically.


3. Keep it separate, consider it a "quarter credit"; choose other logic curricula over the subsequent years and group them all together as one credit for logic.



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I combined my writing and logic materials this year into a credit that I called Rhetoric and Logic. I used:

Critical Thinking 2

The Rulebook for Arguments

The Lively Art of Writing


My ds wrote 2 one page essays a week some geared at the topics in the books he was reading.


I counted this as one credit.

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Yes, I think that's what I'm going with. I called it "English 1: Rhetoric and Composition". It will cover writing, grammar, vocab and critical thinking/logic. Looking at the table of contents of the Arguments book, this seemed like the most appropriate place to put it.


We go through an umbrella school, so perhaps they will have stronger thoughts about how it should be worded, lol.


Thanks again.

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