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(Avant) Gaston French


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Okay, I'm still trying to figure out a way to hand-hold myself through french. I'm fluent, but can't seem to get in a groove of just "talking French" with my sons. So I"m looking for a K level french program.


I was considering Il Etait une Petite Grenouille 1 but the CD makes it a 150 purchase. I'm not sure if I'm even able to purchase it in North America - the Cd 1 seems to be out of stock everywhere? I considered the newer version of this - Lili la Petite Grenouille or something similar but I know less about it than the original!


Now I'm looking at Avant Gaston. I found a blurb on it somewhere - of course can't find it now - that says it was lots of colouring, stickers and songs which is perfect for my non-reading, non-writing little guys. Anyone used it? Or even used Gaston, the next level up?


ETA Avant Gaston is a total of $50 and is available at Book Depository. Seems like a better choice?

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