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EG PLus or Hake Grammar for dyslexic

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I have a dyslexic 7th grader and can't decide if I should continue with Hake Grammar 6 (he did Hake 5 last year) or try Easy Grammar Plus.


He hated Hake 5 last year and had to work hard at it, but he retained a lot and aced his standardized grammar test for the first time in his life (only missed one out of 55). Should I stick with it since it seems to be working?


I was thinking about doing Easy Grammar Plus as I thought it might be less overwhelming for him as he has a lot of hard subjects this year.


But my mantra always has been if it is working, don't change. I am so confused. I just sold my EG Plus and bought Hake 6, but now I am second guessing myself. A friend told me that EG Plus is for kids who naturally get grammar but wouldn't help those who struggle. Having never used it, I don't know what to think.



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Lori - I homeschooled my dyslexic son for only one year and that was 7th grade. I am not sure if my opinion carries any weight, but...


How severe is your ds's dyslexia? Did he have trouble reading and comprehending the material in Hake? We originally tried Junior AG and it was a complete bust! In 7th grade, ds was reading on a 3rd grade level. The approach was all wrong, so we ended up doing MCT, which was a great fit at that time. Now, he reads on grade level and I would likely go the Hake route (I honestly have only seen samples, but just placed an order for another - not dyslexic - son).


I have read many reviews of EG, saying there was no retention. Busywork does not work for dyslexics, in my opinion. These dyslexic kids of ours need explicit and repetitious instruction. The more teacher directed, the better (for them!!).


So, I say stick with Hake. Can you take it slowly or do some of it out loud?


If you're comfortable with grammar, you can try what worked best for us - taking paragraphs from books we were reading and analyzing them and modeling them. Kind of like a mix between Bravewriter's Boomerang series and Simply Spelling, Killgallon and Jeff Anderson - all wrapped up into one.


Good luck. I know it's not an easy road.

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