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Moving & Stress!

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6 days until we get the keys for the new apartment!!! :auto:


Full swing packing mode this weekend which means stress is high. DH has been so grumpy these last two weekends. Neither DH's Dad or his brother can come and help us move, so the last option is my dad. (He was my first option, but DH was adamant that either his Dad or brother could help -- and well, neither of them can come to help) My other option is hiring my babysitters son- he is about 17 years old and should be able to help us move. I offered him $50 to help us carry furniture for probably like 4 hours.


Next Friday I will get the keys and clean the apartment, so Saturday and Sunday we can start moving little things. We have to take a break Monday and Tuesday cause I start classes Mon evening, and Tuesday DD has a Dr. appt that will take most of the afternoon, so then Wed. AM we are moving furniture and finishing moving everything else... That leaves me one day to clean up this place before we leave it and clean the carpets, and then 9/1 I have class in the AM then DH and I are taking a day off by ourselves and then 9/2 we are all going to HersheyPark.



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