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Peach processing?

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I just got 40 lbs of peaches!!! I ate one last night and it was delicious, but quite a bit more firm than I would normally eat.


I'm planning on freezing about half (smoothies!), then making pie filling, peach butter, and maybe other things from the other half. Do I wait for them to soften up a bit or do I start the processing now?



Hmm - seems that I can't stop asking food questions. Maybe you all can tell I didn't have much fresh food growing up ;)

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The ones we get are from a guy who sells them on the side of the road - I think they're from CA but they're always firm when we buy them and then in 1-2 days they are absolutely perfect for eating/baking.


You can also put them in brown paper bags to help ripen/soften them up a bit.

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