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Have you printed the animal cards from Expedition Earth


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I just got done printing and laminating the animal cards for Expediton

Earth: Discovering God's Animals and I don't even want to know how much that cost me in ink, cardstock paper, and laminating. I've purchased sets of animal cards from Target in the dollar isle before. Too bad they're not grouped by country of course.


And now, I realize, I don't think I even have enough space to post them on. I have a 24x36 frame with glass that I thought, we'd stick them on with double sided tape. But how much space does it really require to be able to put up all the animal cards?

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I haven't printed all of them, I just print a few countries at a time. I'd guess you'll need more space than that. I use the wall space behind a door in our schoolroom. It's an exterior door so the door is closed most of the time so we can see what is there. 2'x3' doesn't sound big enough, at least if you want to group them by classification. But it will work for now and you can re-think it when you get further in. I've rearranged mine a few times, I have mine hanging with sticky tac so it is easy (if annoying) to do. There's just so many darn mammals that I kept having to move things around!

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