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These are my 9yrs old STAR testing scores...

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and this child struggles and struggles with learning and I can't get any help from regular schools as well as the charter school.


this was 2nd grade star test scores. She will be 9yrs old in December.


She scored Basic 348 language arts.

59% Word analysis/vocab development

73% Reading comprehension

100% literary response and analysis

64% Written convention

50% Writing strategies



67% place value, addition, Subtraction

83% multiplicaton, division, fraction

100% algebra and functions

71% measurement and geometry

71% statistics, data analysis, and probablity


Last year she used FLL1 and 2, WWE1, AAS, Rightstart B, Dreambox, Study Island basically.


Also why are her scores all over the place...is that a sign of some kind of learning disability?


What do you all recommend for her?

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Hello, I am not familiar with that particular test, but generally my kids' scores are kind of all over the place. My older son scores pretty good on most things, but my 9 year old son (who learns a bit different) tends to be "all over the place." He might score really high in the vocab and comprehension, but low in spelling. I don't think that means a learning disability unless there are other "symptoms." I would say her scores look just fine (I am assuming those percentages are percentile scores...if they are actual right/wrong scores I will have to look again).

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