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Prayer Request for family

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Update in Post 18.


My sister is waiting to take her husband to the hospital to be admitted for mental health issues including suicidal thoughts that he told her this morning in a letter before leaving for work. She is going to tell him that he can't come back home and has to get help. Please pray that he will go willingly and that it will be a help to him. Please pray for my sister and our families. He has dealt with anxiety, OCD, and depression for several years.


My nephew, their child, is 18 and developmentally about 4 and has severe epilepsy. He is pretty much 24 hour care because most of his seizures happen during his sleep. This has been going on since my nephew was 4 months old and received a bad vaccination that had several deaths and permanent disabilities but was still on the market.


I know this has put a huge strain on them mentally and physically over the years, and I honestly don't know how my sister deals with both of them as well as she does. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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Thank you all! She took him to the hospital, and they have him in some kind of lock down. He hasn't seen the doctor yet, but the nurse has been very compassionate. He has broken down sobbing uncontrollably, and my sister is having a hard time seeing him in that state. Please continue to pray!

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I am praying. I went through this 3 years ago with my husband. He had another episode last spring. Two of his uncles committed suicide and his dad is manic. I know the warning signs now so I can usually point out the road he is going down before it gets bad, but sometimes there is nothing I can do. He has medication to take daily as well as high doses of another medication to take when he feels an episode coming on. My husband and I were both 34 and our kids were 6, 8, 11, and 12 when we first went through this. We talked to our oldest son about what was going on and have since talked to our second son as well. It seems to be hereditary and we want them to be aware of the signs in themselves, as well as others.


It is a very difficult thing to endure and, I hate to say this, but it is something that will never really be over. I am praying for all of those involved. It is difficult. I know, as a wife, she wants to be strong for him but she is breaking on the inside. Please make a point of asking her how she is doing routinely over the next year and not pushing the issue aside. She will need to have someone to lean on and, too often, the spouse is forgotten once the major issue has been endured.


Praying in Colorado!

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Update: A shift change happened at the hospital, and things haven't been well since. No one has come in to check on b-i-l for 3 hours. The hospital was supposed to be finding him a bed in a mental health facility, but there's no word yet. My sister is tired and will have to drive home tonight once he's settled. He's discouraged because of no one coming to do anything and wants to go home, but that can't happen. No one has told her the minimum time he will have to be kept. They are in TN, if anyone does know that.


Thank you for praying!

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Prayers to you and your whole family!! I'm so glad she is getting him help, and that she has you to support her. Please do update us and let us know how things are going. I hope he gets to go to the mental facility soon...waiting must be so hard. Huge hugs.


He did get to go to the facility and will be there 3-5 days. She is on her way home now. She won't get to see him again until Sunday. She said it was so hard leaving him there, and I can't imagine. I just wish I was closer because I live 3.5 hours away. She really didn't want any family at the hospital because she felt he would be better with just her. He's very private about all of this with us and even his own parents.


Thanks again for all the prayers.

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Thanks to all who prayed! My sister went to the facility today, and they sent my b-i-l home this evening. They moved him from Stage 1 to Stage 3 the very next morning after arriving which meant he could even go outside. They started him on a new medication, but they have to get insurance pre-authorization for him to continue it. He is actually talking about going to work tomorrow.


I'm really surprised that they sent him home, but my b-i-l didn't attempt suicide or lay out a plan in his letter. He just said that he was having suicidal thoughts.


Please continue to pray for them. My sister has so much on her with his condition and my nephew's condition as well.

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