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Biblioplan - using different spines for different kids


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I have decided to try Biblioplan this year. I have three children ages 11, 9, and almost 7. We used MFW the last two years and HO the year before that. My oldest wants to be doing different books and things from her younger brothers. I want to be able to combine a bit to help with planning and time.


I was wondering how well it would work to try to do two different spines. I believe that SOTW is more for elementary ages and MOH is for older, middle school age. Is that correct? My thinking is that I could use SOTW for the two youngest and then MOH for the older. Would having DD, my oldest, read the MOH book independently work, or does it expect parental involvement? Could I just use the companion with her and lots of library books?


Thanks for any insight. I have been a lurker here for a long time, but never got up the nerve to post yet.

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I think using two spines would work fine and I actually did it myself. I had the SotW Cd's and would put them in the DVD player for them to listen to. I would often, then, read aloud MOH (if it wasn't too much repeating).


Your oldest should easily be able to read it. But, you might find it easier to just combine everything for them. I dont know. I think either way would be perfectly fine.

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