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East Coast field trips for SOTW 3?


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We live in Virginia and I'm thinking ahead to some of the field trips we can take this year that will correlate with our history studies.


Here's what I have so far:



Mount Vernon

Eli Whitney Museum

Boston (hopefully)

And we're already doing Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown and we basically live at Monticello. :)


What are some other ideas? Anyone? Thanks!

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We live near Boston. We visited Minuteman National park and loved it. We are planning to go back soon. You can ride your bike along the battle road and make stops along the way. We are also planning a trip to Boston to walk the freedom trail. I'm sure we will need more than one day. Plymouth Plantations is nice, not my favorite. Sturbridge Village is better in my opinion although different time period 1800's. RI has a smaller national park, Roger Williams National Park and Slater Mill(industrial rev). Have fun!

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Well if you are coming up to Mount Vernon you might as well go into DC. There are many options there but definitely see the American History and the Archives... The ultimate primary source is to see those documents for real. I get teary every time :-).




Awesome. We will definitely see the archives. We've only been to DC once and we've lived in Charlottesville for a year! I just get nervous about the drive and parking, I suppose. I need to just do it and go more often.

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If you are coming to PA anyway, don't skip the Brandywine Valley, including the Brandywine Battlefield... Or, lesser known, under a nearby development there was a fairly major battle fought , led by Washington, on land now under a housing development and the former Chadds Peak ski area; there is no marker on that site, but as you drive past the Chadds Ford Knoll up route 1 towards Longwood Gardens (a must-see attraction) you drive directly over the final resting place of the Hessian Soldiers from that battle (the American records of the battle were lost in a general's house fire, and modern route 1 was paved right over the cemetery. Later, the British general's diary and maps were unearthed giving all of the details). Take a tour of the 1700's era John Chad house on rt 100 in Chadds Ford and eat bread baked in the still working beehive oven, or stop in to watch the great pumpkin carve, a tradition begun by Scarborough, members of the Wyeth family (artist child and grandchild Andrew and Jamie, of N.C. who painted the famous 'Treasure Island' illustrations) now conducted by other talented local artists who create amazing things from enormous pumpkins every October. While in town, stop at the Brandywine River Museum to view the original N.C. Wyeth paintings from "Treasure Island," and other Wyeth treasures from this amazing local family as well as Paul Scarborough and other great American artists from the area.


The Barnes Brinton House can also be toured (google Chadds Ford Historical Society for dates) for another great 1700's era restoration/reenactment home on route 1.


This area is also known for the duPont family and their various industries, including the provision of gunpowder to the troops (names such as 'Powder Mill Road' are not merely decorative) and the development of nylon took place. Nearby you will find Winterthur and the Hagley Museum as well.


Sometimes it can pay to move beyond the big cities, though the area is no longer the little cow town that it was in the 70's...

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If you are in the area (lower Delaware) pull off of I-95 and visit Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island to interact with the Civil War re-enactors there. If you time it right, you might see the cannons or trebuchet fired, or a demonstration of loading and firing a musket and a flintlock rifle. Interrogate a rebel POW in the barracks, pump the bellows in the blacksmith's and hand-scrub the laundry. Explore the old hallways and labyrinths of the civil war fortress and enjoy.

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