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I was looking at Harvard's expectations for second language learning. They expect you to be able to write and read fluently and to pronounce adequately.


He's not going to Harvard but I do work back from their recommendations.


This will make sense for my son who wants to be a doctor of infectious diseases working for the UN. He will learn to speak very quickly while he is on the job.


So now the problem is... what to use for French language learning that doesn't focus specifically on speaking the language (aka Rosetta Stone).


What are you all using?



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We have been using a European textbook/CD/workbook program that incorporates grammar learning organically into the course of studies form the beginning and has students listen, speak, read and write.


If you want to simply add grammar to an existing program, there are many inexpensive grammar workbooks available. We have several from this series:



This is the grammar workbook my DD's university course for French 3 uses.


A good overview (but not practice) book is



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