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Kitten attAcking our dogs...help!

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Our adorable 9 week old kitten is seriously driving our dogs nuts....kitty doesnt know how to take a hint! The dogs love playing with him most of the time..he will jump on their head or attack their legs playfully, anf they'll "mouth" him and chasemhim...kitty will hide under a chair and jump on them as they walk by..all in good fun and i Love that they get along.


But one dog is prettyy sick right now and kitty keeps jumping on him, chewing his ears, trying to get him to play, but he's not up to it. It is hard to separate them as we have an open plan and neither of them likes being alone-kitty will cry mournfully if put in bathroom, and besides, i cant do that all day to him! I keep a close eye, but sometimes i will hear this pathetic whimpering, only to find kitty basically attacking doggy's head. It would be funny if it weren't so sad :tongue_smilie:



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If your dog is sick, then I think he should get priority over the kitten. Can you buy a harness for the kitten and keep him near you on a leash, so he can't get to the dog? Do you have an extra-large dog cage that you could put the kitten in, when you're not able to supervise him with the dog?


I think a kitten would adjust to a leash or a cage far more quickly than your adult dog would -- and you don't want your sick dog to think he's being punished.

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