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A little nervous about first homeschool group meeting tomorrow...

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This is our first year to homeschool. I know several families in our area that homeschool, and they get together at a church every so often. When I first told a friend that homeschools our plans, she mentioned that she would let me know when the group got together. They are meeting tomorrow, and even though I know there will be some familiar faces there, I am a little nervous. I hope that the kids and I are able to fit in and feel comfortable with the group, know what I mean?

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Don't worry! Everything will be fine, and you probably won't be the only new people there, anyway.


I'm sure almost everyone is nervous about being the "new family," but most homeschoolers are glad to meet other homeschoolers, so I'm sure they will welcome you right away.

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Put yourself out there. Don't sit on the edges and hope someone talks to you.


I know from being on both sides how it goes:


If you're the newbie, you sort of sit there not wanting to be pushy, and sometimes someone talks to you...and sometimes they don't.


But if you're one of the regulars, you've finally found 2 hours to get away from the house and reconnect with everyone in the group. It can take a long time to make the rounds saying hi to all your friends/acquaintances. By the time you're done greeting your friends, you might have run out of time to say hi to the newbie. Unintentionally.


I've finally learned that whenever I'm the newbie I have to stand by a group and start interjecting comments. "I agree!" "I've had that happen, too!" I've never had a group be upset by that. And when I'm not the newbie, I have never been upset when a newbie jumps into a conversation. It's expected.

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Remember, even if you don't immediately meet your new best friend, if you continue to go and meet people and do other activities with them, you will eventually find a network of families with whom you click. Then you will be invited to all kinds of things - play days, field trips, co-ops, and so on. Everyone's been the newbie, and it can feel awkward, but they invited you because they want you there. They too need to have a network, and they're hoping you can be part of that. Homeschooled kids are used to playing with new kids. If this group isn't a good fit, they may have some ideas as to where you could find one that is. Networking makes homeschooling much, much easier as you aren't on your own. Have fun!

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