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update: pregnancy/blood pressure/etc

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Swelling is GONE! Must have been the stinking mac and cheese with MSG. Blood pressure is ok...midwife is satisfied with it, especially compared to last pregnancy. Urine results were perfect.."boring" as she called it ;)


However, baby is posterior. GRR. I do NOT want back labor. I will go to the chiropracter again either tomorrow or Monday, and hopefully that will help. Trying not to recline, but it is hard. Oh, and I have a cold now so inversions would make my sinuses explode, lol.

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Great news about your BP!


My baby #6 was posterior and I really think it delayed the onset of labor. I have saved this article in case position becomes a problem this time.




FWIW- when I was in labor with my posterior baby, my doula had me labor on my hands and knees for a little while. After 2 whopping contractions the baby turned and was born within minutes.

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