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Microscopes - help me understand HOW to buy one.

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The Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments has a chapter on this. Here's the links from an old thread:


Here's the link to the "straight from his word processor" draft:




and here's the link to pre-order the actual book




The book is finished now, so you don't have to pre-order anymore.

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This is the microscope that we bought - I just paid a little less. We love it.




My best advice is to get one with it's own light source that plugs in and that it is binocular.



So you think binocular is worth it? Although, I'm amazed at the price of this one.

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I have this one. We've been happy with it. I plan for it to last through high school. In other threads here, seemingly knowledgeable people have said it was a good choice. Whew. I figured that I didn't know enough to figure it out and would just go with a good recommendation. So far so good. The kids are young, but we've had it for three years now.

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Oh yes, the binocular is worth it. It makes it easier, in my opinion, to see.


And I hope your head is spinning from their great prices. I have been super pleased with my purchase. Buying through Amazon made it easy to compare prices and options.


I'll be honest and say I'm leery of the low cost. Why is AmScope so much lower in price?

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I bought ours at MicroscopeWorld. I called the customer service representative first and explained all my needs. He then asked a few more questions of things I had not thought about. He then pointed out a couple of microscopes that would meet all of my demands.


The other thing you might want to think about, especially if you have little ones, is a stereoscope. These are much more versatile in the elementary and middle school years than a microscope.



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