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What are you doing for this 7th grade this year?

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I don't see a thread on this here, so hope I'm not replicating a current thread. Old ones get so long and this is a new year. If any of you have used Calvert Math before or Shurley English 7, any tips or insights would be appreciated, but that is pretty much carved in stone at this point. Also, any tips on DIVE, since that is new to us.


Ds is going to do:


All American History II


Calvert Math 8 Yes, this is a lot like school at home, but he really wants to go to ps part time next year, so this will be a good transition for him & he works well if I use scripted lessons (as much as I personally don't like them).


Shurley English 7 (another scripted program, at least the younger grade we did is) along with a couple of literary guides I have (and the books) and Creative Writing with a fabulous writing teacher.


Alles Klar for German along with continuing with Rosetta Stone I picked up a couple of the books for a song at a used curriculum sale & bought some of the others used on Amazon (already had RS which I bought new many moons ago).


Stebbing for art


DIVE Earth & Space (whatever it's called--gr 8) along with Apologia text (first edition since the DIVE costs plenty--we already have a lot of lab resources, so I won't purchase any kit)


Trumpet lessons with a teacher, piano & theory with me (I am a piano teacher, and while he doesn't want lessons with me, the teacher I'd like for him has a waiting list & is now working during school hours so can't teach then, either)


Swim team for Phys Ed


That's all I can think of at the moment.

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TT 7 since she is weak in math

Phonics road 4 so we can bridge over to LR next year

Science fusion

VP modern online with some AAH mixed

IEW class every other week

Meet the masters for art mixed with a composer once per month

Nature study Fridays

5 dance classes per week

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Here is what my 7th grade DD is doing:


Abeka Pre-Algebra

Easy Grammar Plus

Megawords Spelling 5 & 6

Apologia General Science

Mystery of History Vol 2, with added literature

Beautiful Feet Geography, as well as participating in and studying for Geography Bee

IEW Medievel History

Queen's Copywork "America the Beautiful

Violin Lessons and Pracitice

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Here's where I'm at thus far in planning my 7th grader's school year ~ and given that we'll start soon, I'd better finalize some decisions!


Spelling Workout H (perhaps moving on to Vocab from Classical Roots A & B)


Lial's Introductory Algebra


Rainbow Science (probably...and perhaps both years in one)


Sonlight Core H History & Literature


Writing With Skill 1 (I think?)


Analytical Grammar (maybe prefaced by ALL?)


Latin...? (major waffling here...went through Lively Latin's Big Book 1 this past year, which was fine, but not inspired to move on with it)


Rosetta Stone German (may go ahead and start him in OSU's online course instead)


Art of Argument


Art History using various resources


Piano Lessons (outsourced)


Soccer & Track (at local middle school)

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Moominmamma will be 7th grade next year -


Math - finish Saxon 7/6 and start next level

LA - Classical Writing Diogenes Maxim, Rod&Staff English 6, Killgallon Sentence Composing, and possibly Vocab. from Classical Roots

Languages - Latin for Children, Spanish with a Tutor

Science - finish Apologia Astronomy and start Apologia General Sc.

World Studies - finish History Odyssey 2 Middle Ages and start HO2 Early Modern

Music - Clarinet, Piano and Theory

Art - self-directed study with plenty of visits to the art shop!


Other - sailing, Scouts, and occasional ice-skating, swimming, and cycling.


We lost some time due to ill-health this year, hence the need to finish up a few programs before we can move on.

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Math: MME, Singapore Story Problems; Perplexors; (math is his achilles heel)

HX: FMOMT; MP's American Studies and FMOG (history is one of his true loves)

Science: Pre-Physics (Tutoring Center); Apologia’s Gen Science (just reading through). Tiner's books The History of Med, et al (he's one of my readers and LOVES science so even though it sounds like a lot, he'll do fine).

English: Writing With Skill , seguewaying into II (Tutoring Center) or going to Classical Composition (MP); Sequential Spelling

Logic: Critical Thinking Skills I and II, read through Fallacy Detectives, Red Herrings

Memorize Horatius at the Bridge; Sequential Spelling

For Lang: Latin: Finish FFI; FFII (jump into it) and RS German

Geography: MP World Geo (Tutoring Center)

Word Processing- Scottos

Art (TC)

Co-op: Art (figure drawing), Chorale, unit study (science/ media)

Drama Camp/ Shakespeare Camp; Lego League

Still deciding about TeenPact State Class.

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Ready to commit (sort of)!


Math - Algebra with Derek Owens

History - Human Odyssey 1 & 2, Connect the Thoughts - Middle Ages through Renaissance

Physical Science - Books, documentaries, hands-on fun, science fair project

Writing - WWS, Killgallon

Grammar - Hake 7

Vocab - Caesar's English I

Lit - Teaching The Classics, Deconstructing Penguins and lots of good books

Logic - The Art of Argument

Philosophy - Philosophy for Kids

Japanese - Irasshai

Tech - National STEM Video Game Challenge

Music - Guitar

Art - field trips - glassblowing, pottery, art museums

Phys Ed - Travel Baseball

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Math: Pre-Algrebra with Jann Perkins

Science: Science Shepherd Life Science

History: America the Beautiful

LA: Analytical Grammar, How to Teach Spelling, and writing with me using a combination of 6-Trait writing and Jensen's Format Writing (maybe a little of the Lively Art of Writing for reference); Progeny Press: Sign of the Beaver and Swiss Family Robinson; SAT Vocabulary Cartoons

For. Lang: Rosetta Stone Spanish Year 3 of 3



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Math - MUS Zeta and Epsilon and various single topics in MM (no I don't expect to complete this in a year)

Foreign Language - Irasshai

History - Reading through SOTW 1 and 2, D'Aulaires mythology books, World Mythology Series

Science - What I had written for her isn't panning out...back to the drawing board on this.:glare: I really, really wanted Rainbow but couldn't afford it this year...maybe after Christmas.

Composition - WWS, IEW, Killgallon

Grammar - AG

Literature - Figuratively Speaking, various lit guides, using what I learned from TtC to discuss

Vocabulary - Vocabulary Workshop


Discussing artists and composers casually.

Horse Riding.



This seems like an average amount of work for a 7th, and she is doing relatively well with all of it...something about it just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. :confused:

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My dd will use:

Heart of Dakota~Res. to Ref. This includes Bible, History, Science, Dictation, Copywork, Shakespeare Study, Art, and Writing.

English~Rod and Staff English 6

Physical Education~Family Time Fitness

Literature~Lightning Literature 7

Latin~Latin Road

Logic~from Critical Thinking, can't remember the name, but she requested to use them. I think it was Mind Benders :D



I think that's about it :)

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Math: Saxon Alg. 1, Finish LOF Pre-Alg/Econ, begin LOF Beg. Alg


Latin: Lukeion Wheelock's 2


English: IEW, WWS, Kilgallon, AG Refresher, CE II, ancient lit readings to go w/history.


Science: Story of Science, Thames and Kosmos Milestones kit. Tutor her sister in NL. Maybe do a little of Apologia's Gen'l Science


HIstory-hodgepodge, FMG, FMR, KF.


Geography: Around the World in 180 days. Been trying to do this for years. Maybe with her sister.


Logic/Critical Thinking. Possibly Choosing Your Way Through Word's Ancient Past, Philosophy for Kids.


French: First Form



Music: Piano lessons


Art: Meet the Masters, art class


PE: volleyball, jiu jitsu, swimming, running, fencing



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