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Is there an independent creative writing program?

Annie Laurie

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My kids like to write and don't need a lot of hand holding. They're bored with WWE. I'd like to give them something else this year and wait until next year for WWS.


Is there a simple program, maybe bound into a little workbook, that would give them some fun prompts and basic writing guidelines that they could use?


They are 6th, 5th, and 3rd grades.



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Not in workbook form, but you might want to check out The Writer's Jungle. It teaches you how to teach writing without a curriculum. Basically, you have the kids freewrite several times (no corrections allowed at all by you or them) over a few weeks time, then they choose one freewrite that they want to make better. From there you help them revise. This means that you help them narrow the topic and expand on the part they've narrowed down - basically get rid of unneeded/unwanted info and give more info about the important parts. They do that through more freewriting about the narrower topic. You help them rearrange it to sound good. Then the LAST step is to edit which means check for mechanics, punctuation, spelling, etc. Worrying about that at any previous step stifles the creative flow.


There are also other ideas in the book, but that is the basic gist of how she teaches to go through the writing process. It's also a great curriculum to help build up your relationship with your child instead of tearing it down. I know I would easily make writing a battle with my oldest if I don't read this book once per year!


I know you're probably looking for something more open and go, but in the long run, having an available and loving real-life teacher will be more effective than just reading from a workbook.


If nothing else, I guess I'm giving you a bump!




(Oh, and you might want to try the book Unjournaling for writing prompts!)

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