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What is your favorite algebra textbook?


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I have Jacobs Elementary Algebra and Foerster Algebra. Though if AoPS Prealgebra works for DS, I'll use AoPS Algebra also.


Jacobs has humor in it, making it nice for young students. Foerster has more subtle humor that my son wouldn't get, like a word problem that starts out, †Olivia, Newt, and John...†Otherwise, it looks like normal school textbook.


Dolciani is supposed to be excellent also. I have the prealgebra book, but it's zillions of problems per concept and very dry textbook style. The instruction is excellent, and it has challenging problems in it.

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What is your favorite Prealgebra/algebra textbook?


We are heading towards that direction and want to hear about the different choices.


Dd9 used a hodge-podge of fantastic resources over the past couple years.




TT Prealg/first half TT Alg 1,

Cybershala online classes



Cybershala online,

TT Alg 1 (second half),

MUS Alg 1 (second half using blocks),

Crewton Ramone


I am looking at Kinetic Books Alg 1 for this year (after a successful free trial). We plan to camp out in Alg 1 for at least another year or two using various resources.


I am self-educating with AoPS Intro To Alg (which appears to delve into alg 2). I sit in on Abi's online classes with Rachna via Cybershala (from another computer). I learn something new about algebra every day. It's a drug (and I appear to be addicted). :)


My olders used CD prealg/alg but it is not suitable for younger alg students.




ETA: Dd9 loves LOF alg books.

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Well, we've used a few and still own most of them. PreAlg is at the end!


Life of Fred. My kids LOVE this series, but only my eldest can use it as a stand alone Algebra. I haven't seen the pre-Algebra, but own all of the ones after that & the Fractions & Decimals books.


Jacobs-- a solid program that was to gentle for my eldest, so I sold it (too bad, in hindsight)


Lial's--a very solid program that my eldest used to finish her first time through Algebra 1. This is the one Jann in TX uses in her online Algebra classes. She is one of the math gurus on the high school forum.


Foerster's--another solid program, but not one that did great things with the dc we used it with.


1965-1975 Dolciani Structure & Method is very strong. (there are 3 different editions in those years). My eldest did this for her second time through Algebra 1 (I prefer them to do Algebra 1 twice.) This was recommended to us by Jane in NC, another one of the math gurus on the high school forum, although since her ds went to college she doesn't post as often now (but still posts).


If you have a mathy child & really want to learn the theory as well, a fabulous book is Gelfand's Algebra. Several of us on the forums have the public domain answer key which used to be online (by one of the former posters in this forum with a degree in math--at least a master's as I recall).


The book we bought tried twice but found not to be particularly helpful & too easy was TT Algebra 1. The humour is fun & it does catch up by the time high school math is done (I don't remember when.)


PreAlgebra--my eldest didn't do one & didn't really need it, but my other two did Russian Math from Perpendicular Press. DS is going to do more Pre-Algebra with Calvert Math 8 (which is new to us) because he doesn't have the patience for Algebra yet & is only 12, so there's no rush.

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