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Razzle Dazzle Writing?


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I will tell what I know and hopefully someone who uses (or tried) it will chime in!


One of their "selling points" is that it's student directed. (Kids edit their own papers based on rubrics. You might write on the back of their paper how many capitalization errors there were, etc. and then they find them.)


I know Currclick has some of their curriculum in pdf's for sale. I believe soon it's all supposed to be available there.


Here's basically what they offer:


* Expository Writing - Grades 4-8

* Creative Writing- Grades 4-8

* Daily Dazzle- 5 levels, starting in Gr. 4- Daily L.A. review. Kids can check the "tool box" in the back to help with concepts they're having trouble with. ("designed to enhance students’ standardized test performance, build confidence, and review and reinforce 17+ critical language arts skills")

* The Book on How to Really Teach Writing


ANYONE? :001_smile:

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