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MEP--Practice Book 5 and 6 Answers??


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I'm deciding on levels of MEP for my two ds for this year, and I see that through Level 4 there are answers to the practice books. Are the answers for levels 5 and 6 elsewhere, or not available? :confused:


I really don't want to work all that math myself, although it would serve to grease the brain gears that have gotten slack over the summer!:001_smile:

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We've just started MEP year 6 (with some back tracking because we're jumping in having not used MEP before). So far, all the answers are in the lesson plans. The lesson plans are fabulous. Please don't skip them and just do the worksheets. My son is not mathy, yet here he is thinking like a mathematician. This programme is fabulous - I wish we'd switched years ago.


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