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I'm about to can green beans by myself for the first time and I'm scared.

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Don't be afraid. Green beans are not bad to can. Are you using water bath method or pressure canner? Just don't over fill the jars and make sure there is nothing on the lip of the jar. I usually dip my finger in the hot lid water and run it around the lip of the jar before putting the lid on. I don't know if this really helps or not, but my jars usually all seal. HTH Good luck!



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Wait until you go to eat them, you'll really be scared then. LOL-giggle.gif We canned tomato sauce a few years ago and it all turned out fine. We did it using a method my Amish niece taught us; sterilize, fill jars (not all the way), and then turn upside down on the counter. Anyone ever use this method?

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