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Teachers Lounge! 8-15-2012

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Today is MOVIE DAY at the Lounge.


What's your favorite movie? Mine of all time is Labyrinth. However, lately, I'm on a Jeremy Renner kick so I've been seeing a lot of him in action over the past few days. Including The Bourne Legacy. Sadly, that screenwriting is full of holes but he's nice to watch. :D


What are you up to today? Son and I are going to go shoes shopping for him and clothes shopping for me. Daughter will be here. No school today. Love how we can do that!


Going on a trip anytime soon? I'm heading to the Midwest for a high school reunion next week.


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Favorite movie: All time favorite is Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock, but I love to watch movies and watch at least one a day. Right now I'm working my way through the Harry Potter series again and through our library's documentary section. (And since dh is out of town during the week this month, I'm also working my way through all the "girly" movies at the library my dh wouldn't want to watch with me... and all the movies with Jason Statham or Anthony Hopkins my dh doesn't want to watch me drool through. ;) )


Today's Plans: Pack. Library. Pack. Laundry. Pack. Set up utilities. Pack. Dinner and fellowship at church. Pack. Grocery store. Pack. Pack. :001_smile:


Trip: We're moving in 16 days. That's the closest to a trip we're getting this year.

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Hi! I'll stop in for a chat.

This is our last week of vacation before starting back August 20. I've finally gotten all my planning done. Posters are up. Copies are made. Science is finally figured out. Man! That was tough!

This morning I'm just kicking around the house, cleaning odds and ends before heading to work this afternoon. My boys have enjoyed all the video game time and cartoons this morning! Ah! Break is so nice!

Hmm....Labyrinth is a great movie! I love Mr. Bowie. I have so many favorites! Gross Pointe Blank comes to mind. Harry Potter Order the Phoenix is another favorite.

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What's your favorite movie? It's a hard choice - I really like Harry Potter, but Heidi brings back wonderful childhood memories.


What are you up to today? Well I was supposed to take dd to half price books to pick up the gift card she won in the summer reading contest, then on to the girl scout office and then to a new grocery store. But I woke up with my back out of whack, so I'm puttering around the house cleaning instead.


Going on a trip anytime soon? Not that I know of :D

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Good Morning!



Favorite "recent" movie - The Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite all time movies - Arsenic and Old Lace; Wait until Dark; The Lady Vanishes


What am I up to? Probably no good. :D Actually, right now we're at the library. I am trying to catch up in grading ds's chemistry. Ds is working on his chemistry and dd is supposed to work on her biology but has escaped to the children's section. I'm not too worried about it.


Trip? We head out Sunday for one week at family Bible camp. I'm teaching 10 lessons and dh is teaching 2 lessons so it is a working vacation for us.

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Favorite movie? Defending Your Life, with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. Though, as I get older, Sleeper becomes more hilarious with every passing day.


I'm teaching right now. We went to the beach for 2 hours this morning and the kids want to go back on Friday. So, they voted to do school this afternoon. I'm not great starting in the afternoon, but they are plugging away, and Dad will be home from a job fairly late.

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My favorite movie of all time is Men in Tights - it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Today, I'm also enjoying my Birthday:party: It is a great day to be born. :D


I'm making myself a chocolate cake that I can eat that is wheat, corn, soy, and nut free (it is really almost more trouble than it is worth which why I only do it on my birthday). I'm also making a yummy frosting for it. As an appetizer to my cake, I'm making braised short ribs and roasted mushrooms. I'm really happy.


No trips until spring when I go t Japan for ds's graduation. I was gone for a good part of June and July. I'm happy to be home.

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What's your favorite movie?

We just purchased "The Lorax" and I really loved it! Lots of deeper meanings if you look beyond the "cartoon" aspect of it!


What are you up to today?

Today was our first day of school for the new school year. My brain is now toast!


Going on a trip anytime soon?

No trips for us until November, when we'll be traveling to NY when my dd14 performs in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We did take a day trip to beach (about 3 hours away) on Monday for my ds' birthday.

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