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Science Lapbooking/Notebooking?


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After much resistance, I have started to help the kids make "lapbooks" (more like notebooking meets lapbooking in a binder) for FIAR and SOTW. We LOVE it. I like the pretty pages, and the built in review when we look at the pages. I've also been printing off relevant blog posts and pictures to put in the binders, and they are turning out to be a wonderful keepsake.


Science is weak for us, and I often feel like I don't know what to do next. We do a lot of science-y activities, and I think if we were to lapbook them, and turn them into unit studies, I would get a lot farther.


Does anyone have links for lapbooks on science topics? Any pictures or blog posts to share?


We have BFSU, and just got the magic school bus videos, and signed up for the science club. I'm just looking for a way to get motivated and "into" it- I think the binder notebook/lapbook would help!

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We are using the Elemental Science Lapbooking through Biology. Inexpensive, especially if you can get the books at the library. http://www.elementalscience.com/lapbook/index.html


So are we! We just finished Human Body last week and both dc loved it. I agree that the built in review is awesome, and that's the only reason I can put up with all the cutting and gluing :lol:.

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I bought a lot of science lapbooks from Hands of a Child. I alternate doing a science lapbook with doing a BFSU lesson, and I think that is a good combination.


We also keep a binder for BFSU which has been a huge benefit. After each lesson, I write three or four principles from the lesson (using the Objectives section for help). Then the kids copy the principles and illustrate each one. Then they file that paper under the approprate tab in their binders (one for each thread). We also have additional tabs for leaf collection and tree identification, local animals, and local plants according to one of the lessons in the B thread. This has been a great way to solidfy what the kids are learning in BFSU and to help with review.

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Science Notebooking


The Checklist


The primary focus here for TEACHING social studies and science, is just geography and environmental science. To be honest not much else gets covered unless it's by watching videos or through independent reading. So the checklist (above) works for tutoring students looking for a more rounded science literacy. I'm kinda Amish/Mennonite when it comes to history/science and have priorities quite different from mainstream America.


I don't use the notebooking pages from Simple Schooling, but I do use lots of their ebooks, that are frequently on sale at Currclick.


I often use Draw Write Now for drawing inspiration for my students. Volumes 7 and 8 are about the continents and 6, 7 and 8 cover most of the all biomes.


This is the paper we use.



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Here are a couple of blogs I've saved for inspiration:


http://livingcminca.blogspot.com/2011/09/shannons-notebooks-and-what-ive-decided.html (this particular post shows where a mom took her kids out every night for a month after bedtime stories to sketch the phases of the moon )


http://balancingeverything.com/2011/08/29/completely-in-love-with-nature-journals/ (this mom has tons of posts and pictures on "nature journals" and such)


I know I have more if I can find them...

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