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Are you planning for this fall? Do you have students in 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grades? If so, then you need this talk by Susan Wise Bauer:

The Well-Prepared Student: How to Get Ready for the High-School Years

Susan Wise Bauer gives clear, specific directions for helping a middle school student prepare, academically and practically, for high school.



In this session, learn what and how to teach your child in grades 5 through 8--before that ninth-grade year begins. How can you be sure that you’re handling the transition from elementary learning to more complicated studies properly? What do you do when your child resists? What should you do in the seventh and eighth-grade years to make sure that your student is ready for high school? Includes suggested milestones for each year and subject, as well as practical suggestions for catching up and covering material that may have been missed.

MP3 Download, approximately 60 minutes

It's going to be $3.99, BUT order before noon Friday, and pay only $2.99.

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Except, I'm having a problem purchasing it. It says 'the request quantity is not available' and won't let me put it in my shopping cart. I only tried to purchase 1.


Looking forward to listening to it!


I had the same issue.

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Can someone tell me if you can download this to your iPad or iPhone? Or will it only work on PC?


Sorry ... I'm miserably bad with technology :confused:


Beth, yes, these are normal MP3 files, like other files that you listen to on an iPad and iPhon, so they will play on an iPad or iPhone. You can download them on a Mac or PC computer, and probably on an iPad also (i haven't tried that yet, but if it's using an internet browser such as Safari or Firefox, it should work).


If it still doesn't work, call our office between 11-5 Eastern tomorrow (Friday) and I'll help you out.


Thanks for asking!

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I have one for "The middle years". Is it the same thing or new stuff?


I LOVE her lectures! So awesome!

Hot Lava Mama


HotLavaMama, the one you have is probably "A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on the Middle Grades," which is all about writing. This new one includes lots of other topics besides just writing.

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