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I am MP3 illiterate--questions

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I would like to have hour-long groups of music/story combinations. I'm thinking a 30-45 minute story, followed by foreign language songs for the remainder of the hour, with some sort of minute-long cue that the hour is done, and to turn off the MP3 player.


Would this work? If I order, say, Jim Weiss, can I separate the stories, or will they only play right after each other?


Can I do this with any MP3 player, even a cheap one? Do people even USE those cheap ones anymore?? Or does everyone do this stuff on something else (an Ipad or something???)? I am thinking about getting something like an Kindle Fire or something. Should I be looking into something specific that will allow me to do this MP3 plan, in addition to just being a way to download books?


I really hate technology sometimes. :glare:

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