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Curr. Advice please

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Winterpromise has a lot of hands-on activities and good books to read together. I think it might be a good fit if you modified the writing aspect.


:iagree: Winter Promise has a lot of flexibility incorporated into its programs. For example, Quest for the Ancient World is written to be used by 4th through 8th, so there is some swing. It isn't ultra-challenging unless you add in, so starting with that could give you a good base and then you could move up and down in the resources as you would need to. And it has lots of fun, hands-on ideas too:001_smile: Come to think of it, My Father's World would probably be an option as well.


Good luck!

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Here are a few suggestions:


Math -- Math U See hands down.

History -- Home School in the Woods; check out their website and see all the photos of the wonderful lap books. Even project/craft-challenged moms like me can do those. And the kids definitely learn.

Spelling -- All About Spelling

Grammar -- Winston Grammar

Science -- Usborne books with experiments in them


Don't forget to add in physical activity! When he was younger I used to have my son running around the room while he was doing his math drills orally, and I'd have him doing jumping jacks for spelling, each jump was one letter in the word. Maybe your child is a little older? Nevertheless, activity is a good thing no matter the age.


And, lots of physical breaks between subjects.

Also, alternate between active and non-active subjects.


All the best!

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