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K12 International Academy vs. Keystone

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Do any of you have experience with taking a course with both schools and can compare experiences? They are both K12 so I'm assuming the curriculum itself is the same? How about the administrative details? Teacher support for classes? I'm looking at enrollment in one individual course.


From what I can see K12 International Academy is about twice as expensive as Keystone and I'm wondering how that cost differential translates into experience with curriculum, teachers, and administration.


I am still mulling over enrolling my son for an online Japanese course. So far this is what I can find with teacher support. BYU is the other program I've looked at, but I'm not sure the number and type of graded assignments fits what I'm looking for.


Even if you only have experience with one or the other, please feel free to share your impressions, especially if your student has taken a world languages course.

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