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Here's a new astronomy course!

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I thought that I saw someone inquire about astronomy courses the other day. Well, I new this was in the works at the time, but had to wait until some things were finalize before I could tell you. I'm excited about it. Oh! My husband and I wish we had the time to take it ourselves.


New---Online Astronomy Course!

Description of course:

In this introductory Astronomy course, students will study the origin of the universe, overview of the history of astronomy, the solar system, galaxies, stars, nebulae, and stargazing/telescopes. Significant discussion will be given to the Biblical account of creation and how it is the best way of understanding the observable universe. (more details will soon be up at http://www.harveycenter.org)


About the Teacher:

Brian Henson has been a serious amateur astronomer for several years and has had an undying love for the night sky all of his life. He directed the Astronomy Club at a Christian school in Lexington, KY where he taught for ten years until recently returning to full-time ministry at an Anglican church.


Other courses available this Fall:

American History & Literature, Latin I, and Poetry Matters (a full English course). These courses are for anyone who wishes to study at this level (high school to lower college level) wherever they live, and whatever their age! Some of the courses may have a prerequisite, or an entrance exam.


Yes, this is last minute! I'm sure that most of you have already made your decisions about what courses your students will be studying. But for those procrastinators :tongue_smilie:out there--these are a great deal...

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Just visited your website (at least I'm assuming you are the Beth ;)). I don't see the Astronomy listed.


I am VERY intrigued and interested in all of your courses. I have everything already planned and paid for this year, but I will DEFINITELY be keeping your courses on the horizon for next year!

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. We are determined to start something that will encourage a community of learning and will support the whole family in learning together.


I know this is a tall order, but we homeschoolers have such a great opportunity to redefine what it means to be well educated. I named our homeschool: Artes Vitae. To be esoteric(in a good way =:o) and yet down to earth.


Sorry about the delay in getting the Astronomy info up at the site. It is incomplete but the basics are there. The time of day will be early morning (c. 8:30) -not sure of the days yet. If someone is interested they could let Brian know what days would be good.

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