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Dearly Beloved...

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It was like six years old, worked perfectly all the time.


Just bought sixty bucks in ink last week. Only had 2 pages or so worth used....


Of all the thing I sent in one box when I moved, this was one of the "things" I kept. Man, the stories that thing could tell...sob.


So, I guess I'm in the market for a new one, need a wireless something that syncs with an iPad2.


I don't know the first thing about them. Time for some new brain cells.


I'm so bummed.

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Poor printer.


I just got a new ink jet printer from Target. It is an Epson Stylus NX230 and is wireless and you can print from your phone or iPad. It was on sale and only $35, which was less then the amount I spent on new ink for my old printer that died once I have opened all the new ink and put it in the printer, sigh.

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A friend was just over commiserating with me; she said Target was the place to look toward the last week in August.


I don't know if the version of iPad you have makes a difference, mine is a iPad2.


So I have that much to hunt with. iPad2, wireless and color...


We have an iPad2 and it works. I just printed something off it onto the wireless printer to make sure.

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