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Schedtrack Users... questions....


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I am trying to experiment to see if this will work for us for next year. But if my kids do a bit these next couple weeks before we start our official schoolyear, is there a way to do this in Schedtrack? I know it goes by sequencing the activities, so do I just input all the assignments they've finished early as Day 1 date? Also, throughout the year if dd wants to get ahead in certain subjects, say she doubles up on math or writing or something, will that mess up the schedule on this program?



I'm not very tech savy, so this it's amazing I am even willing to try this :D


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So you have (for example) math, and you've input lessons 1-180. If she did lesson 1 today, just mark it complete, and next time you have math scheduled it will display lesson 2. It doesn't matter if she does lesson 2 tomorrow, or next week, because Skedtrack rolls assignments to the next scheduled day - they are never "late".


Doubling up is a bit harder - you'll need to go to the activities for that course and merge the lessons she did on that day, and mark them complete. Still not that big of a deal, won't mess anything up, just one extra step.


Does that help? I'm maybe, perhaps trying Skedtrack again, so I might be a bit rusty on the terms.

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