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Question about USPS and tracking

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I ordered some LOF books last week. On Saturday they tracked in Denver (which we ALWAYS get next day) this morning it is still in Denver. In the special features column it says 'Delivery Confirmation'. Does that just mean it was sent with Delivery Confirmation or that it was confirmed delivered somewhere?? I want my books :crying:

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I think it just means it was shipped with DC. If they had info. about it being delivered, it should list a date and time of delivery.


I hope you get yours. I had something similar happen with my LOF books. They arrived at the sorting station, but they have no other info. from that point on, and I never received them.

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Your package probably moved on but it never got scanned after Denver. Often I will track a package and see the same location for days, miles and miles away from me, and then it will get delivered to me the next day. Other times there is a location by location run down of all the places its been. It just varies by how diligent the workers are about running the scanner over it.

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