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Tony Snow has died.

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My father died of colon cancer. We personally know two others who died of colon cancer. All were under 60 years old.


In most cases--not all, of course, but most--colon cancer can be found early enough to be treated successfully. I go in for a colonoscopy on a regular basis (every 5 years is what is recommended here). Folks who have health insurance should take advantage of that fact and get it done. I'm not sure what to do now that I am not insured (long story), but I will find a way to get it done.

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Oh no! I am SO sad to hear this!!! :crying:


I greatly admired Tony. He was always respectful in all his dealings with people. I will never forget the day he read a letter to his wife over the radio. It was so beautiful. My heart goes out to his family. What a tremendous loss.

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Christian Content: Here is a link that I found through a blog on my reader. It is an article Tony wrote for Christianity Today. I found it amazingly inspiring.


Dawn, thanks for this link. I really enjoyed reading that article. I found another good one linked on the same page. It was written by Cal Thomas just over a year ago.

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