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c/p Discovering Mathematics/NEM vs. Saxon

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I will be using Saxon Algebra with my upcoming 6th grader. He used Singapore math previously to Saxon Algebra 1/2 last year (and did very well). He does well with math. When he was doing Singapore, he really loved and did well with the word problems. Discovering Mathematics or NEM keeps calling my name. My hesitancy is his age and the lack of teacher resources in DVD/CD form in case I should ever need them. I want to give my math kid a good foundation in math since he seems destined to have a math type career ahead of him due to his interests at this point. I CAN teach him math (I was a secondary math education major in college), but am unsure about time commitments. Also, if I do go with the Singapore upper level math, how do I know where to place him?



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We have only ever used Singapore. My oldest is a rising 9th grader and will be in his second year of Discovering Mathematics. I have found it fine to teach so far. There are not as many teacher helps as what is available for the elementary level program -- I assume this is because many do not want to stick with an integrated math program in highschool so there isn't as much demand? But we have been fine so far as is. Ds enjoys looking up related videos at Khan Academy, and I have found the user forum at the Singapore website to be helpful and prompt whenever I had any specific questions (also asking here on these boards).



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We have used both NEM and Discovering Math. NEM is harder to coordinate. I am always hunting for the proper book for each part. I think Dd preferred it to the Discovering Math though. She requested switching back for year 4. The Discovering Math has a lot of problems. Very good problems but plentiful. Dd finally requested to not do them all. That was a big deal for her because she has never skipped problems in any math book in the past.


I would use the placement exam. My initial response is he should start with the first book because the algebra is mixed with geometry. I hope this helps.

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Hi, I had no problem with using NEM part 1 with my 12 yo ds last year, and he had always been with Singapore math K-6. The word problems are FABULOUS. The materials have a few wrong answers but between the Solutions Manual, the answers in the back of the text, and the website, you should be fine. The geometry problems are posers, and for the first time in my life (not a math head), I was interested in solving them!


I am so pleased with the integrated approach that I bought the entire NEM sequence, which is being phased out in favor of Discovering Math. There is a lot of review in part 4 which, depending on the student, would militate in favor of jumping into college level math in grade 10.


I like the no-frills, no nonsense approach taken in Singapore math. If I can do it, being a non-quantitative person, you surely can!


Go for it. It's a right meaty course.

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we bought NEM last year, when dd was in eighth grade. we found it very hard. we bought discovery math. after 3 days, she decided she'd rather be in pain with a good course than live thru discovery math. we switched back. the first two months were rocky, but now she is doing really well, and we are both so glad that we made the choice we did. i love the solutions manual for me, too!




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