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Closing ceremony

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We loved the closing ceremony! Does anyone know where we can see the performances that nbc didn't air? :glare:


(specifically The Who, Ray Davies* and Muse*)


(the who was broadcast later Sunday night which we didn't know and we only taped the official closing ceremonies...nbc's website won't let me view video because we don't have cable)




*eta: found Ray Davies: http://www.azcentral.com/thingstodo/music/articles/2012/08/12/20120812nbc-olympic-closing-ceremony-blew-ray-davies-snub.html

found Muse: http://perezhilton.com/tv/Muse_Survival_London_2012_Olympics_Closing_Ceremony/?id=af677ec2db7b4&autoplay=true

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I just watched it! Muse played? I loved it except for Jessie j singing queen. Blech! The video salute to Freddie was great and Annie Lenox is so amazing.


From what I've seen online Muse performed 'Survival' which was the official song...nbc cut it!


ooo! I think I found Muse:




I agree that Annie Lenox was amazing!!!

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I want to know, too!


Sadly, our cable went out for the whole evening :glare:




if you do have cable you might be able to sign on at nbc and be able to see something


we just have an antenna and nbc won't let us see anything unless we sign in through the cable company


hope we eventually find it!

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