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If you try a lot of new recipes, how do you remember or type of planning...?

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If you want to incorporate them into your weekly menu, then I would 1) make a note of the items you need to buy and add them to your weekly shopping list. I would list cookbook and page # or website where the recipe came from. So that when the day rolls around to do the recipe, you'll have it. Basically incorporate it into your normal routine.


Also I wouldn't recommend adding too many new recipes at one time. Try only one per week.


Also if it is a very *ambitious* recipe, you might want to have mac & cheese or something on hand in case it doesn't work out.

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I'm always trying new recipes and I know what you mean about forgetting about them.

I use MasterCook and I have cookbooks within MC that are only recipes that I have actually made. This makes it much easier for me to remember what I've made and want to make again. I also have LOTS of cookbooks within MC with recipes I want to try. I love searching for recipes so, like I said, I have LOTS. Right now, I have 233 "cookbooks" within MC. I'm working on volume 6 of the recipes I've made. Anyway, this has worked out really well for me.

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