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Human Body Detective? Did you like it?


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Here is just a few reviews that I am finding out there (I know you all can do it too, but you know, just feel like cut and pasting :tongue_smilie:). It does look really good, and for the price now. I think I am going to get it. The books themselves have gotten great reviews - but I know this is the curriculum bundle - so it is more.


Anyone ever use it?







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The iPhone apps have been a hit with my girls. I now get to listen to them talk about where their food is and farting. :) lol. Seriously though, my preK and 1st grader can name all the organs of the digestive system and their function and order.

I did purchase the curriculum from HSBC so in a few days I'll know if it's any good. ;) sorry I can't help out more.





Thanks Liz, I am going to go ahead and buy it too. Right now I figure my main goal is to get my kids to really love learning. So hey, if they can tell my mother-in-law all about farts, why not:lol:? Seriously though, it does look like a fun way to learn about the body. The books themselves get good reviews, consistently.

Thanks again,


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