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DOI and Running Start

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Do I file a DOI on my dd16 (next week :D ) at the district if she is a Running start student at the local community college? Her "high school counselor" for purposes of Running Start is at the local high school but she isn't actually enrolled at the high school. Does she need a release of attendance?


I am confused... :confused:


(I asked at the district office and the gal helping me was super friendly and tried really hard to find answers, but she is a summer temp and was basically "desk warming" while the "real occupant" was at lunch. :tongue_smilie: Come to think of it, between the district office and the high school, I dealt with 5 or 6 different folks who were all really helpful and friendly and never acted at all put off by the fact that we homeschool. When they realized we were like monkeys doing a math problem trying to sort out eleventy million different things, they were only too happy to help. :D )

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