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Avoiding my work

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The boys are up at Camp Grandma's for a couple of weeks and last week I just spent time reading, with hubby and arguing with housing. This week I'm supposed to be doing lesson planning.


Well, so far today I've done nada when it comes to the planning. I've washed 5 blankets (the ones that are used in the living room because I have hot flashes and DH says we live in a deep freeze now), went to Dairy Queen and met a fellow homeschooler who was buying some books off of me. Of course while I was at Dairy Queen I just HAD to buy a small pineapple Sundae that I had to eat at one of the outside umbrella tables because it's only 80 degrees outside. I tried to close my eyes and pretend I was communing with nature but the horns from the traffic kind of blew that for me. Then I came home and of course had to check Facebook, write some replies, like a few pics, etc. I even played some Bingo on FB and then I HAD to come here to see what's up.


Now that I've done that I guess I should go work on my lesson planning. Oh, wait. It's time to start dinner. Guess the lesson plans will have to wait! :lol:

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