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What are the main differences in editions of Apologia Biology?

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This is what we found when trying to figure it out:

  • The illustrations will be in color instead of black and white.
  • Dr. Wile has been answering student questions on the course for seven years. Those questions have allowed him to realize what sections of the book could be written more clearly. Thus, this edition of the chemistry course is even more understandable than the first edition!
  • For students who need more practice, there are extra practice problems for each module as well as detailed solutions to those problems in the solutions and tests guide.
  • The student text has graphic icons that tell the student when there is a related multimedia presentation on the optional multimedia CD.
  • The text references an extra laboratory kit that can be used to add about a dozen experiments to the course. These extra labs are not required, but are optional for those students who want more laboratory experience.
  • There is a special website available only to users of the second edition. This website will contain links to web resources such as animations and graphics which will enhance the material in the text.
  • Advanced students who have the time and the ability to learn additional material will be directed to online resources which contain advanced subject matter.
  • The tests in the solutions and tests guide contain a point system that will aid the parent/teacher in grading the tests.
  • There are also cumulative tests in the solutions and tests guide if the parent/teacher wants to give the student quarterly, semester, or final exams.
  • Finally, even though the module tests are found in the solutions and tests manual (so that the parent/teacher always has a copy of them), a second set of tests is also provided in a perforated booklet. This will allow the student to be given the tests without referring to the solutions and tests manual.

Our co-op allowed both editions, so it must not make THAT much of a difference.


HTH :)

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Wow, Clementine! Thanks for the detailed post!


I've been waiting for the money to get the 2nd edition, but that just hasn't happened. The time is here for me to order, so I'm only going to be able to get the older version.


ladykayaker, your post makes me feel better! I really hate to miss out on the color illustrations, but I think we'll be ok. There's always the internet!




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I think the coolest thing about the 2nd edition is the icon indicating when to put on the media. I bought a used 1st edition and a mom had gone through and drawn little CD shapes for her children. It was sooo wonderful.


I also had a copy of the 2nd edition and the color and layout make it seem much more friendly and accessible, but the content word-for-word is pretty much the same.

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