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my daughter and I barely spoke from 11 to 17. it was horrible. She moved out the day she turned 18, and came back 7 months later much easier to live with. She's polite most of the time now, has a part time job and is starting full time at the university as a transfer student advertising major . . . so yes, it gets better. eventually.

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It's not just 13 year old girls. My 13 year old golfer boy.... let's just say he's lucky we are playing the last two tournaments on courses that lack water hazards.


(I am joking - truly. I think.)


It's so frustrating to try and get through to him that all of the talent in the world will not overcome a bad attitude.


The oldest was such an easy teenager. His rough spell came when he was smaller. But this one is only two months into 13 and I feel like a complete failure as a parent.

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My 10 almost 11 year old has already started this. She has decided nobody is allowed to live here except her. We are not supposed to talk to her, bother her, be around her....sigh.

just send money and take her wherever she wants to go.


I have a 14 yo. I didn't like 14 yo girls much when I was a teen, and they haven't changed much. I still don't like them.

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